BALCH SPRINGS, Texas - Frustrated homeowners in Balch Springs are fed up with drainage problems that flooded their neighborhood again Tuesday night.

They say they ve dealt with this problem for years. But fixing it won't come cheap.

Juan Gonzalez shot video and photos with his cell phone, as the water from Hickory Creek inched ever so close to his house.

We get a little bit of rain, and all of a sudden, our whole property goes under water, and our septic tanks fill up and it's hard for us to pump the water out, Gonzalez said.

Homeowners told News 8 they've had serious drainage problems for years. Many are mad, claiming city leaders haven't done enough to fix it.

And I've never seen anything done here on Wild Oak, said Dewey Ivey, another homeowner. Every times it rains, these houses, especially some of them, water gets up right up to the houses.

Balch Springs City Manager Ed Morris admitted it's not an easy fix.

Morris said the city has sponsored several studies. The solution: Either build retention ponds along the creek or cement the length of the creek through the city. Both projects would cost millions.

We just don't have that kind of resources and revenue at this point in time to do that, Morris said.

City leaders hoped they could secure federal stimulus money for the drainage repairs. That didn't happen. So their only remedy has been clearing the creek of debris that backs up the water.

As long as the water flows, it will drain pretty quickly, Morris said.

Balch Springs is a small town with a limited budget. People who live here understand that. But that's not preventing the water from flooding their neighborhood.

And I don't understand why something can't be done about it, Ivey said. I just don't understand. We hear the same old song again and again, but nothing's happening.


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