Q: Everybody wants to know your business .... I'm as bad as all of them! Did you find a new house? I remember you talked about moving and I think you said you were staying with your folks since your house sold. So, did you find one?
A: We did! We moved in at the start of December. It's a fixer upper just like the last one. But, the house has great bones. I just wish it didn't take five minutes to make eggs with our 1980s appliances! (And we are still in Dallas.)

Q: Who is your favorite local athlete?
A: I like Dirk! My friend is his yoga instructor and says he is as nice as he seems and really humble. I like humble folks!

Q: Can you please pass it to whoever needs to know that there are MANY of us who do not want to hear the word Kardashian ever again? In any context.
Let those insipid individuals Tweet their similarly air-headed followers and leave the news to the rest of us. PLEASE!!! Otherwise, I enjoy your show very much. :)
A: I hear you. I will spread the message. Millions do watch the show, and with Khloe in town now, there will be mentions, but it should die down now that the hype of them getting here is over.

Q: Shelly, How does your husband deal with the different type of hours you work? To me it would be difficult. You bring so much to the news.
A: Thank you. My husband thinks this business is crazy, to be honest. But, he is extremely patient and understanding. When we met, I worked the overnight/morning hours, so he thinks this is a big step in the right direction. We have a great family network locally, too, which helps a lot with organizing change with our little one.

Q: I did not know that Ron Corning was openly gay until I saw another person's question. Who is his boyfriend? Was he at that More Ron party? I was. I got interviewed by Ron not knowing that he was gay! I have two moms that got married in Connecticut in 2009. I am a huge news freak! I LOVE WFAA!
A: Glad you are a Ron fan, he is awesome. He tells it like it is, which is so refreshing!

Q: Hi Shelly, I have a question about advertisers on WFAA during the evening newscasts. There is a certain electrician and to a lesser extent, a plumber (I suspect they must be owned by the same owners) who advertise excessively during these times to the point where I find these commercials annoying. I know they pay for it, but does WFAA take viewer overload into consideration?
A: To be honest, if they want to buy the spots, they can have them. I don't think our advertising department regulates how often they air. Trust me, I know every jingle to every commercial. It drives me crazy!

Q: This is in response to Pete's question: Do you prefer Shelly with or without glasses? I personally like her with glasses. In fact, I like all women who wear glasses. You fog them up, they can't see what you're doing.
A: Thanks. Seems pretty split down the center!

Q: I have noticed a couple of different reporters in the last couple of weeks, do ya'll update your BIOs so we can see who they are. Also, are Dale and Pete as crazy as they seem on the air? And, how do you keep from losing it when they get to going at it? Thanks for the EXCELLENT job that you do!!!
A: The reporters over the last few weeks are freelance to fill in during the holidays. Marcus Moore was just hired on permanently, though. His bio should pop up soon. Now about Pete and Dale, these two are the real deal. They love each other and they are more fun off air than on. The FCC has serious TV regulations, and it's the only thing that keeps those two in line!

Q: Shelly, ever since the Super Bowl coverage I've been wanting to let you know how great you look! We rushed outside just now and watched the space station fly over! Thanks, Pete, for mentioning this on-air.
A: I will tell Pete, and thanks for you kind words.

Q: Is Alexa in traffic pregnant?
A: I have e-mailed Alexa to answer this one. Standby.

Q: What do you think of CBS hiring Charlie Rose to offer a more thoughtful, serious approach to morning news in contrast to the standard superficial approach to the news? P.S. Thanks for answering my previous question.
A: I like just getting the news straight, so that is the plus. The negative is that you want to laugh and start your morning off in a light way, not doom and gloom. So, it's a toss-up.

Q: Hi, I'm Joy,
I told my friends Corbin Bleu would come to my party so I asked Corbin Bleu on Twitter could he come but he never replied ,so I was wondering if you could ask him to come to my birthday party? Please? My birthday is on February 9, 2000, but I have my parties after my birthday. I'm turning 12 this year! (YAY!)
A: I am not sure I can help with this one. So sorry.

Q: I saw a segment on Friday Jan. 6 about a family who's dog is lost. I was wondering if a segment could be run on our dog. He's been missing since Dec 28. I have a photo I could e-mail.
A: We don't usually cover missing dogs unless there is a unique circumstance. Having said that, you can always send me your stories. I can always promise to bring them up, but I can't promise it will make air. My email is

Q: You spoke of a website related to women or girls and I am curious about the correct website. Is it roomgirls or droomgirls? You mentioned this on the 5 o'clock edition on 1-5-12. Also, how difficult is it to purchase WFAA gear such as a jacket or toboggan cap? I am a committed Channel 8 news watcher. Thank you!
A: Hmmm....the WFAA gear, I think you can get that through Anita Moss at She would know if we still sell it? And it was VROOMGIRLS!

Q: Hi Shelly, from a Plano neighbor : ) When will the video/story on the UT Arlington College Park Arena be posted on the WFAA site? I can't find it and I wanted to post a link for the article.
A: It usually takes 24 to 48 hours to get things posted online. If you have a web question, you can e-mail

Q: What is the best age to start a child in a big bed?
A: I have no clue. I have a 17 month old still in a crib. We just ordered the rails for the big bed, but I'm not sure I trust him to roam around his room just yet.

Q: On a professional level, I have some video of a field covered with dead horses, bones, etc. and want to know whom to contact about this travesty. Please, it is heartbreaking!!!
A: I would contact your local animal control on this right away. That sounds awful. You should address it, ASAP.

Q: How tall is Dale Hansen? Just love him and he cracks my husband and I up every night.
A: Ah, if you could only hear his stories off air. The man should write a book. He is TALL, too ... about 6'6 .

Q: Hello Shelly, we are six ladies that went to the National School of Dental Assisting in Frisco, a school based in Colorado. On their student brochure it says that they have a job placement after graduation if we have good grades. We had excellent grades and no one has find a job
A: The job market is really tough out there, hang in there. Be persistent and don't give up. You will find something great for you. It just may take longer than you had hoped.

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