It is the Oops that had Governor Perry feverishly making the rounds on morning talk shows in an effort to clean up his mess.

Perry already had a narrow window of time, about eight weeks, before the Iowa caucuses to claw back from his fourth place standing in polls at an average of 10 percent support. Wednesday night meant damage control Thursday morning.

He appeared on all the morning shows to remind Republican voters and the news media that we are all human.

We're going to get up every day and go talk to the American people and they know there's not a perfect candidate that's been made yet and I'm kind of proof positive of it every day, said Perry.

Perry got in trouble Wednesday night when he brought up three government agencies he'd abolish and blanked.

He later said it was he meant to say the Department of Energy.

Perry said he won't end his campaign. But ABC's George Stephanopoulous asked how will he recover?

We ll we just keep going out there and talking about the issues that we think are important to the people of this country, Perry said. And again there are going to be some mistakes made, we'll deal with those as we go through them.

Americans are pretty forgiving people.

In politics, sometimes you have to hang a lantern on your problem and that's what the Perry campaign is doing.

The campaign sent out a fundraising e-mail Thursday morning with a reminder that all candidates commit gaffes and asked supporters What federal agency you would most like to forget?

Perry is in for a fight but is bolstered by knowing that about 75 percent of GOP voters right now do not want Mitt Romney as the nominee.


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