Hundreds of people started their 9/11 remembrance Friday morning inside a downtown Dallas hotel, where a prayer vigil was held for the victims, survivors and their families.

The vigil at the was open to the public, which included people from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, non-denominational Christians, Baptists and Lutherans. The group gathered inside the Lone Star Ballroom at the Sheraton Hotel and used the early morning hours to fast, pray and meditate.

Alfred Johnson, one of the organizers of the prayer vigil said there were two objectives for the event. One was for healing those still hurting after 9/11, and the other idea was to pray for an end to the drought in North Texas.

This weekend, the group will also be honoring 9/11 heroes at the Dallas Convention Center.

WFAA's Shon Gable talks to Johnson about both events.

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