McKINNEY - Hours away from Possum Kingdom, where homes have been reduced to ash and rubble, Collin County volunteer fire fighter Tony Greer spent Labor Day weekend in front of his office computer, organizing a fundraiser for a complete stranger.

It's just something I wanted to do, something to give back, Greer said.

On August 31, Ed Shelton, a 20-year veteran of the Arlington Police Department and former Bedford volunteer firefighter, lost everything he owned fighting wildfires in Possum Kingdom.

I watched the story about his home, Greer said. How it burnt while he was out serving the community and protecting the neighborhood he lived in.

Greer, who admits he's never met Shelton, said his family is humbled.

I have spoken to his two daughters, Kari and Tammy, and they are over joyous, I guess you could say, with the fact I have started something like this, Greer said. They are very grateful for what I actually started.

So far, Target and Home Depot have donated gift cards.

Other big names are jumping on board, especially after Greer expanded the fundraiser to include Dallas retired fire chief Larry Anderson, who like Shelton, lost his home but continued to fight wildfires in Possum Kingdom to save others.

Tony also hopes to offset costs Possum Kingdom's fire department faces as it replaces two destroyed fire engines.

Currently, we're getting support from 99.5 The Wolf and North Richland Hills recently made a donation, Greer said.

He is hopeful there will be many more.


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