FRISCO, TX - Midfielder Brek Shea is the leading scorer for FC Dallas. His 8 goals represents nearly one third of all the teams scoring so far this season. He has become a popular player

After a game, when I walk out of the building, there are tons of kids asking me is Brek still in there, is Brek still in there? says head coach Schellas Hyndman. They're like a magnet. They get very close to him. He's been great.

Shea was chosen to participate in the Major League Soccer All-Star game to be held later this month in New York. It's the first time that the 21 year old has made the team.

It's my first nominee, says Shea. I'm pretty excited. It's a pretty cool honor. I'm excited to play against Manchester and it's good for the league and the team.

I think about itwhen I was 16 or when I was 21, it was nothing what he's gone through, says Hyndman. He's been great and he continues to get better. But he's not just a player who gets better because he's getting older. He's getting better because he works every day very hard.

In the all-star game, American players will face English Premier League powerhouse Manchester United.

Shea is certainly a unique soccer player. At six foot four, he's among the tallest players in the league. He's got great speed and when it comes to being artistic, he's uniquely talented as well.

During his off time, Shea spends a lot of his time in his art studio, creating paintings that range from a more conventional look to abstract. He created his first painting about a year and a half ago.

Yeah, I literally just splatter the paint and used my thumb to make the flower, Shea says. Someone offered to buy it, but I didn't want to sell it.

Recently, his hobby has grown into a full-blown passion.

I like using bright colors, Shea says. I like to make you look at it and think, what's going on.

What do I see? He calls it controlled chaos and he pretty much plays like that, says FC Dallas broadcast manager Bobby Rhine. He plays with reckless abandon and I think more times than not, he ends up putting the opposition on their heels and I think that's a fun thing to watch.

At a recent fund raiser, Shea's paintings raised nearly $10,000 for the FC Dallas foundation and America SCORES Dallas. To see bidders take home his paintings was something he had never experienced.

It was cool, Shea says. I was happy that people liked them. I was kind of shocked to be honest. I didn't know I would get that good a response.

He just seems to enjoy it, says FC Dallas Midfielder Eric Alexander. I think it helps settle him down and on the off days, give him something to do.

Shea has also been asked the league to create a special painting for the MLS All-Star game in New York.

The Stars management believes Shea is one of the best players in the MLS. By the looks of his paintings, he may be the best artist in the league as well.
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