There are far too many mouths running on the Osama bin Laden operation. I think it's high time the loose talk stop. It's this weeks Uncut commentary.

I bet you never thought you would hear a journalist say we're talking too much about a story like this; well, here's the exception.

Too much information has been coming out about that mission - not that it happened, but the specifics of it.

So, many people are leaking and reporting just the little piece of what they know or think they know that I think it's put the lives of special operators in future missions at risk.

Look, I'm no lover of secrets. Too often, national security is given as the reason to keep failures or illegal happenings under wraps, but in this situation the secrets seem warranted.

I'm sure al-Qaeda would love to retaliate against the team involved, and will try if they get some names. For that reason, the identities and locations of special operators, their training and special equipment, though fascinating, needs to remain classified.

Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska used to be the place where every nuclear war plan this nation had was designed and sent out. When reporters asked about the single integrated operational plan, or SIOP as it used to be called, the only answer we would get was we don't discuss nuclear weapons. That's keeping secrets.

Mark my words, the day will come when missions like that one will be undertaken again. So, the less specific we are now, the better the chance of that mission's success and our people coming home safely.

My thoughts, tell me yours:

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