BROCK, Texas The small town of Brock has made a big name for itself in basketball, where the girls have won three straight 2-A state titles.

No one wants to lose that reputation to football... not even Dianna Taylor.

She had her time on the court 30 years ago. Now, it's her son's chance to shine.

Taylor was in a group of Parker County parents who raised $157,000 and gave it to the school board to pay for Brock's first UIL football team. That's enough to fund equipment, uniforms, and a coach.

We just feel like the kids deserve the chance, Taylor said. Whether the economy is good or bad, it's not their fault. And every kid deserves a chance to play football and be involved in school.

Seventh and eighth graders will play this fall, but if they want to light up a high school scoreboard, Brock will have to pass a bond election it's never passed before.

There is plenty of opposition. For decades, the regulars have voted down any tax increase for the king of Texas sports.

Economic situation right now? We can't afford it, said Brock resident Don Gill.

Brock school board member Jimmy Branch said the exemplary schools aren't cutting any jobs or programs. He said the football donation could add a quality coach and give band members and cheerleaders a chance to take the field.

If this is something that develops, I am pretty sure all of Brock will get behind it and support it, Branch said.

Dianna Taylor has been a part of her town's basketball heritage. But as a mom, she sees the start of a high school football program as Brock's biggest victory.

The school board gave the parents just three months to raise $112,000 to start the football program. They wrote the check for $155,000 last week, and gridiron supporters say there is more money on the way.


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