DALLAS- A group of Dallas students had an appetite for learning. In this After The Bell report, the unique way they are putting their math and English skills to good use.

When it came to learning about food, kids are eating it up and they are using math and English, without even realizing it.

They get a chance to do hands-on math with measurements, fractions, adding, subtracting, saidsaid Voscia Walker, director of Kids Camp. Sometimes we have to double the recipes, then of course, have to read the recipe, so that reinforces English.

The students are part of the Kids in the Kitchen after school program at the Trinity Palms Apartments.

Twice a week they cook snacks or small meals that they then can make at home.

Subs, like pizzas, stuff like yogurt, said 10-year0old Chad Stingley. Yogurt and shakes and other stuff.

On the other days of the week, they learned about the food pyramid and healthy nutrition. The program is sponsored by UnitedHealthcare and the Junior League of Dallas.

The children really love to engage and learning new things about healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and learning about exercise nutrition, said Leigh Anne Haugh,Junior League of Dallas President. They want to carry that to their home and their school life.

There are a number of after school programs that provide improvement tools, professional development and networking resources.


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