Q: About once a week your 10 p.m. news forgets to show the Pick 3 Lotto. I ve brought this up on two previous occasions and they still can't get it right. Maybe you should turn it over to one of the other more dependable stations.

A: Thanks very much for the email, and for taking the time to write. It is not a question of forgetting rather can we fit the information in. When the Texas Lottery first started WFAA aired the drawings. Then, as the information became available on the web we moved away from that practice and included them within the newscast. Sometimes stories shift places in the rundown and we cannot air the Lottery numbers that s few and far between however. Last night may have been a case in point. The fact is the numbers are available in a huge variety of places, so if there is an issue that prevents us from airing them, we know that our viewers can easily find them. All stations are free to carry this public information just as WFAA does. Thank you again for the thoughtful email.


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