DALLAS- Tuesday s Our Neighbor is planting seed in all the right places.

David Gary is a retired Vietnam veteran and master gardener. He is also a volunteer tram driver at the Dallas Arboretum.

Since he moved to Tyler from the White Rock area in 2005, David has logged more than 40,00 miles driving to and from the arboretum, for free.

So, he drives here 1 1/2 hours every week to tell the story of how gardening is so beneficial to your heart and soul, said Terry Lendecker, Dallas Arboretum.

Gary does not just teach visitors about gardening, his message his much bigger.

To persevere and adapt to whatever situation you're in, said Gary.

Gary suffers from a slow progressing form of Muscular Dystrophy. Despite his condition, he has volunteered 3,000 hours and gives frequent presentations on how to plant wheelchair friendly gardens.

The master gardner has been featured in some magazines to lend some advice.

It's called master gardener on wheels, Gary said. It's how to garden when you're disabled or in a wheelchair and I used the Arboretum as a guide to design my home garden to fit my wheelchair and disability. That's what people should do. You design your garden to fit you not the other way around.

Gary has had MS for 36 years, but he has kept a sense of humor. He calls his wheelchair his Harley .

My life has been more fulfilling since I've been in the scooter, said Gary. The Lord's opened a lot of doors.


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