DALLAS - Thursday's Our Neighbor hears the cry of deaf children who cannot afford the technology to help them speak and hear.

Jennifer Clark is an extraordinary volunteer who has helped the Dallas Hearing Foundation with a huge mission to make dreams come true.

Clark's daughter, 11-year-old Dakota Clark, is deaf. But, after numerous surgeries and cochlear implants, Dakota can now hear and speak well enough to communicate with others.

I'm able to hear because if i wasn't able to hear I wouldn't be able to know when danger is coming, she said.

Dakota's mom, Jennifer Clark, is grateful insurance covered all their costs, realizing this isn't the case for all children.

It's a horrible decision to have to make a decision about your child whether or not they're going to be able to hear or not based on whether you can afford it, she said.

That's why Clark answered the call to head up the entire auction portion of this year's fundraising gala for the Dallas Hearing Foundation.

Jennifer has found ways with the the passion she has and energy she has to raise funds and solicit items, said Dr. Bob Peters, Dallas Hearing Foundation. Because, as a mom with a child with hearing loss, it's hard to turn her down.

The Dallas Hearing Foundation uses all the money raised to provide cochlear implants, hearing aids and several support services to children and adults who can't afford it.

It's hard enough raising kids and being a working mom, but to then find ways to give back is extraordinary, Peters.

She's really very helpful to everyone and she likes to make people happy, Dakota said of her mother.

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