Actress Diane Lane recently stopped in Dallas to talk about her latest film, Secretariat, which opens Friday in local theaters.

The popular actress has a Texas connection. My grandparents, she said. I owned their house for a while in Fort Worth; used to go to the Petroleum Club all the time.

Diane Lane loves Texas and movie fans love Diane Lane. Her latest is a Disney film based on the 1973 Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, and her stubborn female owner, Penny Tweedy.

When Secretariat owned the Belmont, the third race in the Triple Crown, yes it was like Pegasus taking flight but it was also him saying, 'This is for me; this is what I do; this is how I roll; this is personal; this is me answering back to the call, what have you got?'

Tweedy risked everything to keep Secretariat and her father's farm after his death. It was also a troubled time in America.

It quelled all that negativity in '73 for a moment in time, Lane said. It wasn't about Watergate; it wasn't about Vietnam, the economy, the gender gap, and the generation gap... it was, 'Oh! Look at that!'

Diane Lane has been making movies since her early childhood, growing into a box office favorite, and an actress clearly comfortable in her own skin.

You know that thing they always said about Marilyn Monroe wanted to be Kate Hepburn? Maybe there was somebody Kate wanted to be like, and I'm content to know myself so that I can be true to myself, and I think that is the ultimate goal, Lane said.


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