Republican Gov. Rick Perry leads challenger Bill White in a new poll, but there's room for the Democrat to move up.

The Dallas Morning News poll finds 46 percent of likely voters would choose Perry; 39 percent support White.

But one-third of likely voters say they still don't know enough about White to form an opinion.

White, the former Houston mayor, was in that city Sunday talking to the Texas Association of School Administrators about one of his key issues: Education.

Thousands of educators from across the state are attending the convention. White thanked them for their service. He said educating the next generation is one of the most important functions the government performs.

Perry spent Sunday in Austin at a farewell to Texas troops deploying to Iraq.

Members of the 36th Infantry Division of the Texas Army National Guard leave on Monday. They will take part in Operation New Dawn, helping oversee the troop drawdown in southern Iraq.

Perry shied away from politics at his appearance, focusing instead on the soldiers and their service.

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