FORT WORTH Casa Manana has put together a beautiful production of The Sound of Music, featuring the timeless music of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Broadway veteran Jacquelyn Prio Donovan not only has the singing chops, but also the acting chops to pull off a deeper, richer Maria, who begins her story in a convent.

The likable cast on the Casa stage includes Broadway veteran Steve Blanchard as Capt. Von Trapp, and the big booming voice of Patty Goble as Mother Superior.

But what makes this production so valuable, so compelling, is the genuine, heartfelt relationship between Maria and the seven Von Trapp children.

All the children are played by talented local actors, including Mary McElree as Liesl, the oldest and she's terrific.

The set pieces are big, but not clunky; the lighting just right; and the direction by Alan Coats features a warm and freindly glow.

You'll leave the theatre bidding farewell to a music score that never lets you down, and is consistently performed on the highest level.


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