DALLAS Sex... or arrest. A prostitute says that's the choice a Dallas police officer forced her to make on Friday night.

The department moved quickly Tuesday to fire Officer Jeffrey Thorn because he is still on probation.

As News 8 first reported, undercover officers were working on Friday night as part of their summer crime initiative when they allegedly found Thorn in a compromising position.

A sergeant to his credit saw one of our cars idle for an extended period of time, said Dallas police Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson. He went to investigate, and this is what we have.

Sources said the sergeant saw Thorn allegedly having sex with a woman believed to be a prostitute while on duty. Sources said investigators have a video recording from Thorn's in-car camera. It allegedly catches Thorn telling the woman she has a choice: Have sex with him or go to jail.

She is obviously upset, and she obviously believes she was violated, and we obviously believe her, Simpson said. That caused us to move forward with our investigation.

Dallas police declined to release the video, saying this is a serious case and they don't want to compromise the investigation.

Thorn was charged with sexual assault. The law considers it rape when a public servant coerces a person to have sex while under threat.

Thorn was quickly fired after his arrest.

Dallas police officers will respect the rights of our citizens, Simpson said. Anything, in my opinion, less than that is unacceptable.

The former officer now faces a life sentence in prison if convicted of the first degree felony.


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