DALLAS They've got the questions, she's got the answers. When a local doctor isn't delivering babies, she helps deliver the truth to a group of young Dallas girls.

You won't see any boyfriends in this room; it's girl power hour.

A group of West Dallas girls gets the facts of life from Dr. Sheila Chhutani. Every week, Dr. Chhutani who is an OB/GYN doctor at Parkland Memorial Hospital gives the girls the skinny on some pretty heavy topics.

The thing that I love working with them the most is that I get to educate them about their bodies, she said. I get to educate them about themselves, things they don't know. Answer questions they've had. Things they don't have people to ask those questions to.

The girls in the Totally Teen Ladies program at the West Dallas Community Center have plenty of questions, but there's no question being young helps Dr. Chhutani relate to these 12 to 17-year-olds.

She's a person I can come to talk to about anything that I really wouldn't want to talk to with my mom, said 14-year-old Tamara Williams.

Dr. Chhutani offers more than a good talk; she also gives these girls hope and inspiration.

I never saw a doctor when I was growing up, the physician said. I'm the first doctor in my family, so to actually have that interaction with somebody who is actually a doctor, I think, is pretty cool.


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