FRISCO - The integrity of eight light poles are finally being put to rest at Frisco's Dr Pepper Ballpark.

Last year, stadium light poles made by a Fort Worth company fell in Sanger, Midlothian, Buda and Round Rock. While none of the poles fell in Frisco, work was still done to ensure their safety.

A short-term fix on all eight stadium light poles actually began at the beginning of opening season last year. But, the repairs were only expected to last for five years, so more repairs were done Friday to make sure they stay sturdy for a long time.

All of these will be fixed in time for the 2010 baseball season, said Scott Sonju, president of the RoughRiders.

Using heavy duty sized industrial equipment, crews went from pole to pole to reinforce the metal beams with four to five-feet tall steel collars. The metal bases were then screwed deep into the ground.

Now that they're being reinforced, my understanding is that this should be a 40-year plus fix for these poles, which is considered the general life of these poles, Sonju said. So, it should be in good shape for a long time.

Last year, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning about cracks in the light poles after several fell in Sanger, Midlothian, Buda and Round Rock.

This was a fix that came to us from some structural engineers, Sonju said. This is something that they've done at other places that had similar issues with other type poles and they found this to be a very successful long-term solution. So, we felt very comfortable.

For the foreseeable future, physical daily inspections will take place on the park's light poles to make sure there are no visible signs of problems.


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