DALLAS - A chase that went from the roads to a hotel parking lot and then ended with the suspect jumping out of his moving vehicle and being captured on foot moments later played out live WFAA.

The convicted burglar, wanted for a parole violation, dodged in and out of traffic before jumping from his car during an attempt to escape. Now, Granbury police have released their dashboard camera video.

The chase of parolee Jason Dustin ended in Granbury on foot, but most of it was behind the wheel. The chase sped into the Hood County town as Dustin fled from Fort Worth police, who stayed on him. Granbury police joined in on the pursuit.

Dustin sped through town, running red lights at high speeds. He then swerved into a hotel parking lot and back into traffic, risking head-on collisions.

As Dustin slowed in traffic at the town square, he hit another car. Police thought they stopped him, but he took off, again.

With the chase winding throughout Granbury, police hoped to set out spikes, but too much traffic and speed made that difficult. Dustin sped on.

With his car badly damaged and Fort Worth police closing in, Dustin climbed out of the driver-side door as the car continued to move and slid out onto the hood, jumping off and fleeing on foot.

Holding up his sagging, Dustin was caught after he tripped in a field.


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