NORTH RICHLAND HILLS - A single fingerprint could mean a break in the murder of a North Richland Hills woman that took place nearly one year ago.

Using new technology he invented, John Bond - a British scientist - lifted a fingerprint off a brass shell casing from the gun that killed Marianne Wilkinson, police said. If the gunman was fingerprinted in the past, police believe there is a good chance of a suspect identification

Wilkinson, 68, was shot dead as she answered her door on December 9. Investigators said they believe the shooter may have gone to the wrong home and Wilkinson may have not been the intended target.

Four months after the crime, the gun was discovered eight miles from the scene.

While detectives named two persons of interest, there were few leads and little evidence until the fingerprint discovery.

Police say the breakthrough in lifting prints from shell casings may eventually solve hundreds of cold cases. Dr. Bond was also able to get a print recently from a double murder in Georgia that happened back in the '90s.

There is a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the Wilkinson case.


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