Shutter Island is a well-crafted psychological thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a 1950s U.S. marshal investigating the escape of a patient inside a mental hospital for the criminally insane.

It's all very creepy and disturbing, as the marshal and his partner, played by Mark Ruffalo, have trouble getting any answers. Oscar-winner, Ben Kingsley, plays the hospital psychiatrist and the audience is never quite sure of his intentions. One minute he appears helpful, the next minute, he might be the worst man on the island.

Every frame of Martin Scorsese's character study oozes intensity, both with weather and with all the odd characters on the hospital grounds.

Shutter Island is rated a strong R and runs much too long at two hours and 20 minutes.Also, don't expect an A-level film from the director of, Raging Bull , Taxi Driver and The Departed.

It's far from perfect. DiCaprio is terrific but this is a directors' movie filled with technique. You might not like Shutter Island but you have to admire the images.


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