DALLAS Students in one Dallas after school program are catching the learning bug one step (or in their case, several quick steps) at a time.

Hip-hop is just one of the of activities that is part of the Thriving Minds program at Charles Rice Learning Center in South Dallas.

We just learned new moves, and it's so inspiring, said third-grader Harper Jones.

The kids also have access to music lessons and computer classes.

Rice Principal Alpher Garrett-Jones says it's like taking private lessons without the cost.

They can come here and they've already had private ballet lessons, they already had the private dance lessons, the private gymnastics, she said. We are actually providing a service our children otherwise, so we are absolutely grateful to Chase Bank.

The financial institution made a $350,000 donation to the Big Thought program.

What we recognized is there is a real lack of high-quality after school care in this community, said Chase Dallas president Anne Montsenbocker. There are almost 85,000 kids who don't have access to good quality after school care.

The Thriving Minds program is certainly worth dancing about.


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