McKINNEY Pallavi Dhawan is accused of killing her 10-year-old son, Arnav, in January. He was found wrapped in plastic bags of ice in a tub at the family's Frisco home, but the Dhawans maintain he died naturally in his sleep.

There was an an examining trial Tuesday at the Collin County Courthouse. The judge ruled there is probable cause to move the case to a grand jury.

News 8 sat down with Attorney David Finn, who represents the Dhawans. He isn't too disappointed with the judge's ruling.

Finn called for the examining trial because he felt the Dhawans shouldn't wait much longer. He felt this procedure would help him see what evidence the state had.

'I suspected going into this hearing they had nothing... I came out of the hearing knowing for a fact that they have nothing,' Finn said.

But News 8 learned Tuesday that Pallavi Dhawan had checked into a hotel the day officers came to the family's home to investigate Arnav's death. Finn explained that she wanted to decompress.

Also mentioned during the hearing and likely the most crucial and most controversial part is what happened when investigators asked her if she killed Arnav.

Officers claimed she nodded 'yes,' but Finn told News 8 there is no record of that conversation, and that the officers were wearing a body camera with audio capability. Finn said the detective told him the body camera was inactive.

The grand jury will interview Arnav's father, Sumeet Dhawan, his brother, and a neighbor next week.

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