DALLAS -- The Maximum Sports Connection has sold Dallas Cowboys tickets packages on the internet for three years and has dissatisfied customers literally around the world.

The packages consisted of hotel, tailgate party, game tickets, and stadium tours, in some cases.

In December, the Texas Attorney General sued Maximum Sports and its owner, Ronni Sokol, for hurting scores of Cowboys fans under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Sokol has settled the suit, and agreed to pay $53,229 in compensation to consumers.

As notedinseveralNews8stories, customers from Memphis to Maine said they paid for packages they didn't receive. Jess and Tabitha Harris from Hot Springs, South Dakota, whom Sokol never delivered tickets for last Thanksgiving's Cowboys-Raiders game, were mentioned in the lawsuit.

The attorney general will collect the funds and distribute them to fans who lost money. Under the agreement, Sokol is required to repay the state in 50 monthly payments. If she fails to do so, she could be subject to an additional $125,000 in fines.

The attorney general's office says Sokol has turned over a customer list of those who should be reimbursed, and that the office will disburse the funds. Fans who lost money can contact the attorney general at 1-800-252-8011.

Earlier this week, News 8 reported that Sokol was arrested for a hot check, later revealed to be $190,000 in Panola County.

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