DALLAS Dallas police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened Monday afternoon, but say all indications point to an attempted ambush on first responders by a man with strong anti-government beliefs.

Monday the suspect was identified as 60-year-old Douglas Leguin.

A call to 911 came in around 3 p.m. to report a trash fire on North Forty Lane, inside an upscale gated neighborhood off Frankford Road, east of the Dallas North Tollway.

When firefighters arrived, they were met with gunfire.

No Dallas Fire-Rescue personnel were hit, but their fire truck was.

Police who came to help and who also came to answer a missing persons call also took fire when they got out of their vehicle. They were not hit, took cover, and called the SWAT team.

Police said the missing persons call came by way of the Denton County Sheriff's Department after deputies there asked Dallas officers to check the location on North Forty Lane for Leguin, who couldn't be located.

Police began locking down surrounding areas, evacuating homes that were in and around the gated community, and shutting down a long stretch of Frankford Road.

Neighbors watched SWAT members swarm.

'Right across the street was a guy with an assault rifle,' said Tom Holman, who lives two streets away from North Forty Lane. 'He was a Dallas SWAT guy.'

Holman watched as the officer laid on the ground with his rifle pointed toward a creek that links his street to the gated neighborhood.

Police said Leguin surrendered when SWAT officers arrived. But minutes later, a 'bang' was heard coming from the neighborhood.

The bomb squad had discovered and started dismantling suspected explosive devices that had been left outside the home.

They also learned an eight-year-old girl and her adult babysitter were inside the home. Police say before the 911 calls came in, Leguin had approached that woman and child and made threats.

The pair retreated to a safe area inside the home, and SWAT personnel were able to rescue both.

Hazardous materials crews were expected to remain at the home most of the night because, police said, some suspicious materials and devices remained on the property.

Police took Leguin into custody. He was charged with seven counts of attempted assault on a public servant.

Sources said he has strong anti-government views.


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