DALLAS The buildings sitting on the property that used to be Oak Glen Apartments on 52nd Street in South Dallas are boarded up, some windows are busted, and the place appears to be rather run-down.

Neighbors say there a list of reasons they refer to the place as a nuisance.

'Seems like the City of Dallas is ignoring their property now,' said neighbor Cora Canady.

She said she's been complaining about the high grass, tall weeds, and brush growing out of control for more than one month. Canady said she's seen little to no action from the city of Dallas.

'The city is neglecting to cut the yard and keep up their property,' she said.

Dallas County tax records list the city of Dallas' Department of Housing and Community Services as the property owner. Neighbors are questioning why city crews allegedly have not been out to service the lawns.

'It looks like some place that somebody could do something very bad and get away with it, because no one would know about it,' said neighbor Darryl Clarke.

He lives across the street from the old complex, and described the neglected property as frustrating to watch.

'It's an eyesore, and it needs to be tended to,' Clarke said.

Getting the vacant apartment complex mowed and cleaned is a personal mission for Canady.

She planned an annual prayer vigil for her son, Kemonn Bouldin, who was murdered at the property five years ago. The current conditions of the complex made her cancel that event.

'I mean, they give us fines for things like this,' she said, 'so is this fair to the community?'

A spokesman from the City of Dallas told Channel 8 News it has received five service requests for the property. He said the location is now scheduled for service on Wednesday.


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