DALLAS It was a memorable night for all the wrong reasons.

A great aunt and her niece from Collin County spent last Thursday night attending a Lady Gaga concert. It was all part of a New Year's resolution.

But everything that went wrong could be sensed in a phone call Cherie Tipsword picked up just after midnight.

'A terrified voice; if she had not told me her name, I would not have known who it was,' Tipsword said.

It was her aunt crying and calling from MLK Station on DART's Green Line train. She was with her great niece coming home from the concert when they were assaulted.

The names of the victims are not being released for their safety.

'They felt like sitting ducks,' Tipsword said. 'They felt a sense of danger but had no recourse.'

One of the victims described the scene at midnight on the DART platform. 'There was no one,' she said. 'We saw no one, and I looked around... there was no one on the platform.'

Family members tell News 8 that after the pair left the concert at the American Airlines Center, they hopped on the Green Line train to Buckner Station instead the one to Carrollton.

The victim said five young people hopped on at the Buckner stop, and within seconds of the second stop they were ambushed, beaten, and the 21-year-old-victim was sprayed with mace.

'All I can think about was my mom telling me, 'Just let them have it; we can replace it... we can't replace you,'' the victim said.

The great aunt, who is in her 60s, was severely beaten in the head.

'Her face was completely swollen, and most of it had turned purplish-black,' the younger victim said.

Family members told News 8 that the older woman had tried to fight back, breaking four bones in her hand.

'She is the nicest person you could ever want to meet, and did not deserve for this to happen to her,' Tipsword said.

The 'five teens,' as their victims described them, made off with their IDs, phones, and purses.

DART can confirm the incident but could not comment much further.

'How do you not get emotional when someone has ruined an experience for you and your sense of safety?' said the younger victim.

The family is fighting for tighter security on all DART lines. The family hopes any surveillance video in the area will help identify the suspects.


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