If you own a smartphone, then you're sure to have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pictures. The big question is how do you organize your pictures to tell the story of your life?

Here are some simple tips and ideas for organizing the photos of your life.

1. Correct Date and Time - To keep track of photos, start with setting the date and time on digital cameras and smartphones. Many devices organize pictures according to the time and date stamp created during the picture-taking process.

2. Delete Bad Photos - Get rid of junk or bad photos immediately. Those pictures take up valuable space and create clutter when you're trying to locate the right picture.

3. Backup Photos- Most important tip is the backup process you take to keep your photos. Use at least two backup locations. Shutterfly, iPhoto, Google photos or Dropbox are some of the apps and website created to help store hundreds of pictures. These systems will also organize the photos in a

4. Print Annual Books- Many websites offer low-cost books that make it easy to upload and put all your photos in one book. This option allows the user to keep photos for others to enjoy. GrooveBook is an app that prints your phone photos up each month for just the subscription price starting at $2.99.

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