WEATHERFORD -- Two 14-year-old boys have been charged with a felony criminal mischief charge and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for throwing rocks and railroad spikes at cars passing on the interstate.

Just after noon on Tuesday, Weatherford police responded to calls that two suspects were throwing objects at vehicles from a bridge abutment off the side of the road. According to Weatherford Police Lieutenant Chris Crawford, officers talked to two of three victims who reported their vehicles were hit, but were unable to find the suspects.

About two hours later, Weatherford 911 again received multiple calls from victims regarding the same behavior at the same location. Multiple units responded to talk to victims and try to locate the suspects, but again, they escaped.

However, the victims gave the officers a description of the suspects, who were described as kids. Officers went to a nearby townhome complex where they found two 14-year-olds matching the physical and clothing descriptions of the suspects and took them into custody.

In all, 10 passenger vehicles and four 18-wheelers were allegedly struck with rocks or railroad spikes.

A 59-year-old passenger in one of the 18-wheelers was struck in the face after one of the rocks broke through the cab's windshield and suffered serious injuries. She was transported to Weatherford Regional Hospital for treatment.

A Weatherford police sergeant said based on the speed the vehicles were traveling and the heft of the items being thrown, it was 'lucky there were not more serious or fatal injuries' in the case.

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