The Texas Democratic Party Convention in Dallas was the week's big political event. Host Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy talk with San Antonio State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer and Will Hailer, executive director of the Texas Democratic Party. They discuss the party's strategy for a victory this fall, and how Democrats are firing up their base.

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Ross Ramsey, co-founder and executive editor of The Texas Tribune is in Dallas this week covering the Democratic Convention. He discusses what insiders are saying about Democrats' focus on the governor's race. Should they have run Sen. Wendy Davis for lieutenant governor rather than taking on Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott and his millions?

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Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott aren't the only two names you'll see on the ballot for Texas governor this fall. Kathie Glass is running as the Libertarian candidate.

WATCH: Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass

It's the state's biggest humanitarian crisis in years. We talk with Republican Congressman Michael Burgess about the growing problem on the border. Congressman Burgess has seen the situation first-hand. A few days ago he visited the federal facility where many of the children coming into Texas illegally are being held.

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is in South Texas and received a private briefing from Customs and the Border Patrol about the influx of unaccompanied minors across the Texas frontier.

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On Reporters Roundtable, Jason Whitely, Bud Kennedy and Ross Ramsey discuss the secrecy surrounding the million-dollar check the Department of Public Safety is receiving each week from taxpayers. They also talk about Mississippi Republican Sen. Thad Cochran's win over a tea party challenger by getting African-Americans to go vote for him. Should Texas Republicans focus more on black voters?

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