DALLAS Protesters marched to Cole Park in Dallas Saturday in protest against a construction company they say has placed workers in dangerous situations.

Members of the Workers Defense Project carried yellow signs in the shape of construction hats that read 'build it better,' 'safe jobs' and 'living wage.'

The protesters were speaking out against Gables Residential, who they say has denied workers water breaks and overtime pay.

'We just marched a short march today for about 30 minutes and we're setting profusely and we realize it must be very difficult their days on the job,' said Robert Caldwell, with the Workers Defense Project. 'And not getting regular water breaks must be horrible.'

The business released a statement Saturday in response to the allegations:

Gables Residential has a long-standing and well documented commitment to providing quality apartment homes for our residents as well as a safe working environment for our associates and contractors in full compliance with local, state and federal laws.

Gables Residential provides over 5000 hours of safety training annually, employs its own safety experts, provides Workers Compensation coverage for its associates and requires coverage by its sub-contractors, reflected in a proven track record of performance.These programs have been in place for many years with our company, reflecting our core values of providing quality apartment homes to our residents and a safe environment for those who work on our projects across the country.

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