DALLAS-- Talk to drivers who take Interstate 635 daily and they'll tell you it's a mess. And now more construction is planned for another stretch of 635.

The highway is undergoing major construction from far West Dallas to Mesquite.

OnMonday the Dallas City Council will get an update on the 635 East Project, which spans from U.S. 75 to I-30 and essentially follows the same design plan as the LBJ Expressway.

The LBJ Express is a public private partnership that brings a new concept to North Texas Roadways -- tolls that become more expensive during peak hours. They're called TxPress Lanes.

A couple miles of tolled roadway opened back in December, and a representative for the LBJ Expressway says they are already getting some valuable feedback.

'They are successful. They are doing exactly what we were thinking they would do. It's a very small portion, it's only 3.2 miles. So everything is going exactly as we expected,' Dia Kuykendall with LBJInfrastructure Group said.

The 635 East Project will pick up where the LBJ Express leaves off, from 75 inDallas to Mesquite.

This project does not have a private partner yet. And while not directly related, both projects are scheduled to complete at the same time: late 2016.

While the design is intended to give paid lanes a faster commute, both projects will include free lanes for the extent of the project.


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