He killed a teammate in a drunk driving crash, but Josh Brent's career with the Dallas Cowboys may not be over after all.

The team is asking questions that could lead to the return of the defensive tackle.

This is still in its preliminary stages, but the Cowboys say they have not ruled out Josh Brent returning to the roster.

Brent is scheduled to be released from jail about the same time the Cowboys head to training camp in California late next month.

Brent was sentenced in January to 180 days in jail and 10 years' probation after being convicted on intoxication manslaughter charges.

In December 2012, Brent was driving drunk when he got in an accident that took the life of his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.

Brent retired from the NFL before his trial, but the Cowboys retain his rights.

The question now: What will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell do in terms of levying sanctions? Brent has received no punishment under the league's personal conduct policy.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones called the situation a 'work in progress.'

'The league will have a big say in when he can come back, but we'll certainly evaluate the situation when it comes,' Brent told reporters at the team's annual golf tournament Tuesday. 'I certainly wouldn't rule it out.'

So, there you have it: The possiblity exists that Josh Brent could come back, but there are a lot of questions to be answered, including whether the league mandate a long suspension.

Former NFL receiver Donte Stallworth was suspended for a year after he was convicted on similar charges.

Brent has now been out of football for more than a year; does he want to put in the work it would take to come back?

Perhaps Stephen Jones put it best when he said the biggest thing is that Brent will have to see where his priorities are.


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