ARLINGTON -- Few people can imagine what it's like to, one moment be waiting to cross the street, and in the next, see only your child's crushed stroller.

Perhaps even fewer can imagine the anguish an Arlington mother said her daughter feels.

Doris, who asked us not to use her last name, said her daughter Shawntell Skillern, was one of the drivers in a crash that resulted in the death of 7-month-old David Bingenheimer near the intersection of South Cooper Street and California Lane.

The accident happened around 9:30 a.m. Doris said her daughter had gone out to grab a cup of coffee.

'She's broken up,' Doris said. 'They couldn't even treat her there because she was so upset.'

Police say the infant was in a stroller being pushed by his dad. The two were on the curb, waiting to cross in the crosswalk.

A pickup truck was traveling southbound on S. Cooper St. when Skillern's white Chrysler - going northbound on South Cooper - turned left onto California Lane. The truck struck Skillern's vehicle and the chain-reaction crash sent the truck careening off the road and into the dad and baby.

It is unclear which vehicle involved in the accident had a green light and investigators are trying to determine who was at fault at this time. Police say neither alcohol or distraction appear to have been factors in the crash.

The man and one driver suffered minor injuries. David was pronounced dead at the scene.

Doris said her daughter was not physically hurt, but was so distraught she could barely speak when Doris went to the scene to check on her.

'She was just screaming and hollering, and I think they had to give her a sedative in order to bring her down and to get something out of her,' Doris said.

Neither of the drivers have been charged with a crime, though the investigation is ongoing.

Doris said her daughter is a mother of three children, has worked at the same job for years and has always been a cautious driver.

'What can I say? That is my baby. She's not a criminal,' Doris said, fighting back tears. 'She's a Christian girl, a church-going girl, and she would bend over backwards for anybody.'

Doris said her daughter's heart is broken, right along with the child's family.

The little boy's mother posted a plea for privacy on her Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

Monetary donations for the victim's family may be dropped off at Texas Automotive Industrial Finishes at 1107 California Lane, Suite 319, Arlington, TX, 76015.

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