DALLAS -- Joshua Burns cherishes every moment; especially with his fiancee and Zachary, his 5-month-old.

But it's another moment that makes this one more precious.

'It's a day that is pretty solidified in my mind,' Burns said.

On Feb. 15, 2014, this Dallas police officer responded to a call that put him three feet from a man with a gun. Burns was shot three times.

You can see Good Samaritans and first responders working quickly and desperately in cell phone video from that day.

'I remember laying on the ground and thinking to myself, 'I finally have everything I wanted -- a great family.' I wasn't going to let it be taken from me,' Burns said.

His fiancee was at home with a then 2-month-old. She rushed to the hospital.

'I wanted to hold his hand... And it was covered in blood from his wounds,' Kayleigh Martin said. 'Yeah, it was very emotional.'

And when times were at their worst, the community stepped up. Non-profits Carry the Load and Assist the Officer helped this family in more ways than one.

'This gives them the peace of mind that they can go out and do their jobs and there's a support system when something bad happens,' said Steve Brody with Assist the Officer.

And the cards that come from these families saying thank you at the Dallas Police Association fill up a wall.

'There was a huge outreach, and it was wonderful,' Burns said.

Three months removed, Josh Burns hasn't gone back to work. He's recovering from five broken ribs and a bullet that came one inch from his spine.

'Nothing is ever going to be the same again,' his fiancee said. 'I'm going to be scared every time he walks out that door.'

Josh and Kayleigh plan to marry in June.

They're well aware now that anything can happen. And also, that groups are there to help when it happens.


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