FORT WORTH They are the laws of the landing the rules of the riverbank that few seem to be following.

'It is disgusting muck,' Ebony Byrom said. 'There's all kinds of debris, trash, the birds are just standing on it, as if it's a piece of earth. It's terrible.'

Byrom enjoys walking Fort Worth's Trinity River Trail; she says she does it five days a week, often with her daughter. But she's recently noticed Cowtown's crown jewel has seen better days.

'There's trash washed all along the river banks,' said Chad Lorance of the Tarrant Regional Water District. He said, unfortunately, this happens nearly every time it rains, which it did last week.

'This is really a result of trash that starts in a neighborhood, on a street, and gets washed into the river,' he said.

Bottles swimming alongside turtles; a beach ball bobbing in the water they are eyesores that also butt right up to the Colonial Country Club. And with the club's annual PGA tournament in town this week, that means thousands of people are coming to Fort Worth to enjoy all the city has to offer.

Some worry the trash in the river is the image visitors will take back home with them.

'It's a little embarrassing,' Byrom said.

The TRWD is currently cleaning up the area, but Lorance said this is proof littering is still a huge issue in Tarrant County.

'We want to encourage the public to do their part so we don't have to do this and spend taxpayer dollars to clean it up,' he said.

Protecting not polluting Fort Worth's precious place.


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