FRISCO Hundreds of Frisco residents are experiencing delays in recycling pick-ups. In some parts of the city, you'll notice blue carts are still waiting to be serviced.

'In our neighborhood, it's been the last two weeks,' said Aaron, who did not wish to give his last name.

Community Waste Disposal (CWD), the company Frisco contracts with, is experiencing staff shortages. That, in turn, is forcing them to prioritize trash pickup over recyclables.

Some carts News 8 noticed in neighborhoods are filled to the brim, and a few are busting out with recycled waste.

That's why Jeremy Starritt, Frisco's environmental services manager, has answered hundreds of calls from concerned residents over the last several days.

'They've just had some issues with staffing right now, and that's what put them behind,' Starritt said.

He said at least 500 homeowners are facing pickup delays at any given time. Starritt even said the entire Red Bud subdivision was missed for a week. There were also delays in the Grayhawk subdivision.

Aaron saw his recycled waste piling up, and came to the city waste facility to dump it.

'It fills up quick, and we fill up recycling three times as much as trash,' Aaron said.

The city said the most homeowners have had to wait is two weeks, but some residents tell News 8 they've waited three weeks.

Starritt said this was the first time he has heard about the delay being that long.

CWD did not return our calls.

A two to three-week wait may not seem like much, but consider this: Frisco homeowners average 45 pounds of recyclables every month.

The city is already in the process of transitioning to another provider, Progressive Waste Solutions, and Starritt said this recent issue has nothing to do with it. But it is the reason Aaron has to keep an eye on his recycle bin.

'The one inside is already full, and you start to expect it. We're still paying for it,' he said.

The city urges residents to keep their blue carts at the curb until recyclables are picked up.


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