DALLAS -- Police have made an arrest after a fake bomb was found in the retractable drawer of a Wells Fargo drive through last week.

Dallas Police Sgt. Warren Mitchell said a white man in his 40s in a two-door black vehicle drove up to the bank in the 18000 block of Dallas Parkway last Thursday, demanded money, and then placed what appeared to be a grenade-like device with a note in the retractable deposit drawer of the drive through.

When the bank teller pulled the drawer inside and saw the device, she immediately notified the manager. Police say no money was taken from the bank and the suspect fled when the manager arrived.

The bank was evacuated safely and the FBI and bomb squad were called to the scene around 5:40 p.m.It took hours Thursday evening for the bomb squad to isolate and investigate the device before determining it was not a threat.

Lt. Max Geron tweeted Wednesday that the suspect had been found and was arrested in Georgia.

Sources tell News 8 this was the third time that this scenario has played out at a bankin recent weeks. One previous instance was at a bank near Oak Lawn, and the second time was at another bank in North Dallas.

In the previous two cases, the suspect received money, but the explosive devices turned out to be fake.

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