Police say a woman was shot and killed early Sunday morning after pulling into the driveway of a residence in Southeast Arlington.

Devanne Jones, the woman's estranged husband, later turned himself in to police in Kansas.

Investigators said 35-year-old Latoya Alexander was shot multiple times when she arrived at the address in the 300 block of Juniper Drive at around 1 a.m. Neighbors heard the gunshots and called 911.

'We heard four gunshots... and then a pause... and then three gunshots,' said Rogelio Castillo, who was watching a movie at the time.

He lives next door to where the shooting occurred. Castillo rushed over to his daughter's bedrooms and the family all together got down on the floor, fearing it was a drive-by shooting.

Another neighbor, Charles Ficke, told police it appeared Alexander was attempting to drive away.

'The car just slowly went out, and so I thought everything was OK,' he said. He went a step further and checked on the car that sat idle and awkward on the opposite side of the street.

Choked up, Charles Ficke could not bear to describe the scene to the victim's son.

'He asked me if his mother was dead... and I didn't want to tell him... so the police told him,' said Ficke, who lives across the street with Carli Ficke.

She said she heard a lot of yelling between Alexander and a man before the gunshots rang out.

'It was loud enough to wake me up,' Carli Ficke said.

Arlington police said Jones is facing one count of murder. He was in the custody of the Sumner County Sheriff's Department in Kansas.

Police say Jones and his wife were splitting up. Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said officers have been to that home before on other domestic violence calls.

'We do have a couple of prior calls involving the couple, so there is at least a limited history,' Richard said.


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