ARLINGTON There were a lot of enthusiastic fans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Saturday, where the NCAA's Final Four teams were competing for the right to play in Monday night's championship game.

Traffic bound for the giant venue was slow, but no parking problems were reported (although motorists faced a $40 charge for the privilege).

But you know fans are pumped when even the pain of parking at a mammoth event doesn't get them down.

One Kentucky fan spend her money on letting Uber drop her off at the entrance.

There were long waits (and long walks), but when they finally reached the front gates, it was a party.

Soon enough, the party moved inside, and fans settled in for Game One of the NCAA double-header: UConn vs. Florida. UConn won, leaving the orange-and-blue feeling bummed.

'Well, I went to University of Florida undergrad, and then I went to law school at UConn. So it's bittersweet,' said Larry Gonzales.

But for UConn fans, winning is practically tradition.

'Big win, big win!' said John Shields, a Connecticut fan. 'You know, we're Huskies. We win titles.'

It will all come to a head Monday night in Arlington when UConn takes on Kentucky in the title game.


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