DALLAS The woman was shaking, crying, distraught. She said she'd been raped.

'She was awakened with him on top of her,' said Sgt. Marilyn Harris. 'And he had no clothes on, and he was on top of her having sex. She said he held her face down and that she started screaming.'

The accused suspect was someone who had been charged with upholding the law. His name is Oscar Araiza, and he was a senior corporal with the Dallas Police Department.

Now, News 8 has obtained exclusive video recordings from the police officers who responded to Araiza's Uptown townhouse complex on Tribeca Way on the night of October 7, 2013.

According to court documents, the woman and her friend had visited several clubs together on the night of October 6 and into the early morning hours the next day. At one of the clubs, they encountered the other woman's friend, who was an off-duty police officer.

'The three had several alcoholic drinks together then met at a second club, where they continued to drink alcoholic beverages,' according to court documents.

About 1 a.m., the friend and Araiza decided that the woman was too drunk to drive, the documents state.

'Her friend told her that it would be OK to stay at this officer's house this Dallas police officer's house because he was a good person and wouldn't nothing happen to her,' Harris said.

When the two women and Araiza arrived at Araiza's townhouse, the woman's friend called a friend for a ride home, according to court documents. The friend told police that she left the townhouse shortly after 3 a.m. and that the woman was asleep on a couch.

'She woke up to the sex assault taking place, and she recalls that she wasn't on the couch anymore,' said Officer Aubrey Thomas. 'She remembered being in a bedroom on a bed. She didn't know how she got there.'

The woman told police that she began screaming as her naked attacker raped her.

'He put her hand over her mouth to try to keep her from screaming,' Thomas said. 'That's what she said. But she told me that he couldn't make her stop.'

The woman told officers that he stopped the attack.

'She believed that he got scared and that he escorted her downstairs and put her out,' Harris said.

The woman called 911 about 3:25 a.m.

When officers arrived, they described her as being distraught. At that time, she did not remember her attacker's name.

'She was crying,' Thomas said. 'She couldn't stop crying.'

Asked if she believed the woman's story, Thomas responded: 'In my opinion, she got assaulted.'

Investigators soon identified Araiza as a suspect.

'[He] admitted to having sexual intercourse with the complainant sex was consensual,' according to court documents. 'Suspect Araiza had fresh scratches to his neck and arms, and stated the injuries were a result of the complainant assaulting him.'

Pictures taken by investigators show the bruises on woman's arms. An analysis showed that the woman's blood alcohol level at the time of the attack would have been 0.159 to 0.239 far above the legal limit to drive of 0.08.

In February, Araiza was fired and arrested on a charge of sexual assault, accused of raping the woman without her 'consent or awareness.' He now awaits a date before a Dallas County grand jury.


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