DALLAS A Dallas Police Department 911 operator is on administrative leave while internal investigators delve into whether she faked a burglary at her apartment late last year.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Shatawn Renee Allen, 32, called police from her unit in the 3200 block of Simpson Stuart Road to report that someone kicked in her door and stole a 'vintage' 1998 Louis Vuitton purse, which costs $4,500. She said the crime happened between 5 p.m. and 7:18 p.m., when she returned home.

The officer took a report and left. An investigator followed up the next day and, according to an arrest warrant, Allen claimed she was also missing a Nintendo Wii videogame system. On Dec. 23, one of Allen's neighbors called police and reported that she kicked her own door in.

The arrest warrant says the neighbor's apartment is adjacent to Allen's and that they share a common wall and a walkway. The neighbor was on the couch watching television when he heard some loud banging noises coming from outside the apartment.

The warrant says he peered out of the peephole and saw his neighbor outside her door. He then left his apartment and Allen told him the suspects were still upstairs.

The neighbor 'did not see any other person near Suspect Allen's apartment.' A second witness told police that Allen went back into her apartment and returned, saying 'the suspects were still upstairs when she went inside.' That witness also did not see anyone else near the apartment, the warrant says.

An investigator followed up the next day. According to the document, Allen said she asked to drop the investigation.

'Suspect Allen further stated that she did not care about the property, that it was just a video game system and a Louis Vuitton purse she had purchased for $200,' the warrant says.

She was charged with filing a false alarm or report, a Class A misdemeanor. Allen worked as a 911 operator in the Dallas Police Department. She was placed on administrative leave pending an ongoing internal investigation.

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