DALLAS A group of people walked the streets of Dallas on Sunday afternoon with guns strapped to their backs.

They carried the rifles in the open during a demonstration in North Oak Cliff in support of expanding 'open carry' legislation.

Both front-running gubernatorial candidates Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis say they support an open carry policy.

'We like to let the public know that there are good people with guns,' said Alex Clark, one of the demonstrators. 'There's a lot of people that have bad associations with guns and bad people, so if we can show them that good people have guns, too, then maybe we can change their minds about some things.'

But Stephanie Castaneda, who was surprised by the gun-toting protest, said the sight made her feel uncomfortable.

'We shouldn't be promoting that in front of kids,' she said. 'I don't think that's right. It frightened me a little.'

The Open Carry Texas organization said their peaceful demonstration is an expression of the Second Amendment, and they want handguns to be included in any open carry legislation.

Currently, Texas law allows rifles to be carried openly in an un-threatening manner.

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