Irving-based ExxonMobil may use fracking in its day-to-day business, but its chairman and CEO doesn't want it in his Denton County neighborhood.

Rex Tillerson has joined a lawsuit to stop construction of a water tower near his estate on Dove Creek Road. That water would be used in fracking, a process to drill oil and gas.

Tillerson even appeared at a Bartonville Town Council meeting to speak against it last November, saying that he and his wife moved to the area for its rural lifestyle. Tillerson told the Council that he had invested millions of dollars into their property to turn it into a cutting horse facility.

Former Congressman Dick Armey, a neighbor of Tillerson's, also spoke out against the project.

The lawsuit claims the project would create a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.

Bartonville is eight miles south of Denton.

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