San Antonio football with female flair, a new professional team is starting from the ground up: Texas Legacy. The women are ready to break the barrier while helping the community.

A group of women each with a different background; all here for the love of the game: football. The plays they're doing on the field are not for fun. They're practicing to become the next best team under the Texas Ladies Football League.

Amanda Lozano spearheaded the Texas Legacy team. They're starting from zero and the uniforms have yet to come.

'I've always loved it and wanted to do it I never had the opportunity to actually be on a team because I'm a female,' said Lozano.

Her vision: to break a barrier in women's football and give them a chance to showcase their skills on the field.

'Now that I have the opportunity,' said Lozano. 'I want to continue to always have that door open for women.'

Tryouts began this month and already they're proving they have what it takes. Quarterback, 20-year-old Megan Martinez, is pouring her heart into the sport.

'There's nothing like it and just knowing we're the minority in the sport and no one thinks we can but as soon as they come out there their view changes,' she said.

Martinez said the team is like a family and they hope to show San Antonio how much heart they have outside the game by helping charities fund raise and donating their time for good causes.

'We move as a unit and they're all as passionate as I am,' said Martinez.

The team's coach and training staff don't go easy on them in their full-on contact practice.

So by the time the season gets started, Texas Legacy will be ready, game face on.

Tryouts are still going on until the end of the month. The season gets underway in April.

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