Justin Bieber gets arrested, and fans heat up social media.

We've seen this movie before, but for some reason, people still want to buy a ticket.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Baby Bieber got into it with darn near everybody, plus all the drinking and drugs. It's sad.

These days, a mug shot seems like a badge of honor to young celebrities and usually, it's just a way to get a little attention. Nothing gets a celebrity attention like scandal.

Miley Cyrus... Chris Brown... Michele Rodriguez... Lindsay Lohan... Lindsay Lohan... Lindsay Lohan... all of them scandalous, and no one trying to hide.

What's gotten into young people?

The truth is, the same thing that's been getting into them for years...

Frank Sinatra... Steve McQueen... James Brown... They all had scandals of their own 'back in the day.'

The difference is, they at least acted as if they were a little ashamed of what they had done.

Using scandal to get attention (as my grandmother used to say), is about as old as black pepper.

We can only hope the youngsters leave a legacy like those older guys, whose merits as performers far outweighed any momentary lapses in individuals.

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