GARLAND A 18-year-old male arrested in the shooting death of a 7-Eleven clerk talked about wanting to kill someone with his father's scope rifle before the fatal incident, read a warrant from Garland police.

Thursday afternoon, Colten Jon Moore was escorted by deputies to the Dallas County Jail.

The teen was arrested Wednesday and charged in the death of Yosef Tulu, who was killed during a robbery. According to police, a delivery man found Tulu's body early Tuesday morning.

Authorities said officers watched the masked suspect 'enter the store with a scoped rifle' in surveillance video obtained at the scene.

Police said Tulu was shot twice after he placed money from the register inside a plastic bag provided by the suspect.

'Detectives observed on video the suspect motion for the victim to lie down on the floor and then the suspect shot the victim with the rifle,' the warrant read.

Investigators were able to track down Moore after two informants told officers they suspected the teen. One of the informants said the teen revealed he wanted to kill someone and would disguise the murder as a burglary. According to police, the information also alleged Moore confessed to the crime.

'[Moore] told both informants that he wanted to shoot somebody and stated that he would use his dad's .22 caliber rifle,' the warrant read.

According to the warrant, the video shows the suspect use his left hand as the 'dominant grip.' Police said arrest records confirm Moore is left handed.

The affidavit also linked Moore to the crime through connections provided by the informants. The informants told investigators the teen smokes and police noted cigarettes were stolen from the scene.

'The defendants have seen [Moore] wearing a mask resembling the mask in the video of this offense,' the warrant continued.

The informants also told police Moore expressed a desire to 'shoot a cop,' spurring police to request a 'No Knock' warrant.

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