We have a few more clues about the winning bidder for a permit to hunt a black rhino in Namibia.

A Rockwall man tells News 8 that even though his son's name is being circulated on social media, he says his son was acting on behalf of an unnamed bidder at Saturday night's controversial Dallas Safari Club auction.

According to his Facebook page, the son is a big game hunter who sets up 'dream hunts' for clients.

The Safari Club says the person putting up the $350,000 winning bid wants to remain anonymous.

The organization auctioned off the permit to hunt the black rhino in Namibia, Africa as a fundraiser. Protesters were outraged that this endangered species would be hunted down.

'I grew up with hunters all my life... nothing against hunters,' said Gary Angle of Fort Worth, who was one of the protesters outside the Dallas Convention Center on Saturday. 'I just feel this sends the wrong message about Americans... that Americans would pay anything to kill an endangered species.'

The Safari Club says an older, non-breeding male would be 'selected' for the hunt. Because the animal is said to be aggressive, the club says it is better for the herd if it is removed.

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