DALLAS The Moreno family lost everything in a house fire Monday morning, leaving their home on Rockyglen Drive charred.

'You know how inside of a cave looks like? All wet and just muddy, and dark,' said 17-year-old Lorena Moreno. She, her three sisters, mother and three dogs are now homeless.

'It was pretty scary because when I went to go get her from her room I really didn't know if we were able to get out,' said 13-year-old Nancy Moreno.

As the girls fought their way out of a burning home, Chelsea Eastburn was watching from the East Dallas Veterinary Clinic blocks away. She could tell something wasn't right.

'I saw the white smoke turn to black and knew we had a problem,' said Eastburn.

Her veterinary staff knew the Morenos and knew they had four dogs they got to the home before the firefighters and went to work, making sure the girls were OK and securing the lose dogs.

Clinic staffers took in the three dogs, and that night posted the story on their Facebook page.Days later, the response has been overwhelming, hundreds of dollars and everything from clothing to school supplies was dropped off.

'We're so quick to hear about the negative, it's been such a great, refreshing thing to see how quickly people donate to people in need,' said Eastburn.

While the girls don't know what's next, they do know they are not alone.

'It really makes me cry, because it really shows that there are people out there that care' saidthe elder Lorena.'They really have been a blessing to us everybody has done so much.'


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