Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said after Sunday's game it's not the time to talk about coach Jason Garrett's job security (as if anybody who works for Jones has any), but as I have said before, this constant changing of the coaches needs to stop.

But I do think if I owned this football team I'd fire everybody and start over.

You lead at the half 26-3.

Your running back DeMarco Murray has 11 carries for 93 yards in that first half.

And you run the ball seven times in the second half... seven times, while you throw it 21 times.

I don't care if the quarterback still doesn't know you should be running it more (and how can he not after seven years?), but if you let him change the plays, this is what you get.

Hey, Jerry: Romo's not Peyton Manning. I don't care how much time he spends in the building.

Garrett and Romo say they need to go back to work, they need to get better, and I do keep hoping that maybe one of these days they actually will.

But maybe Monte Kiffin sleeps a little better tonight because of that interception. He's hoping you'll forget just how bad his defense was.



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